Tips on Transportation

Transportation in and around Manuel Antonio is simple! Whether you choose to rent a car or not, public transportation makes getting where you need to go a breeze! Here are some simple ways to get around Manuel Antonio for those who choose not to rent a car!


LOCAL BUSES run about every 15 minutes from each bus stop.

The cost of the local bus is 285 colones per passenger.

The bus driver does have change but for small bills only.


MAIN BUS STATION is located in front of the Subway sandwich shop in Quepos. Buses to

other towns near, such as Jaco, Hermosa, Parrita, etc. leave from the main bus station.


COLECTIVOS are taxis that pick up different people for a ride from Manuel Antonio to Quepos

and vice versa. The cost of the colectivo is 500 colones per passenger. A colectivo will flash

their lights as they approach the bus stop to let you know that they have room in their car. They

will only take you on the main roads and through Quepos. To go from door to door to your

destination, you will need a cab. There are some cars that are unmarked that the driver will

stop and pick up people.If you don’t feel comfortable taking a colectivo, then don’t. Use your

judgment when taking a collectivo.


Only RED TAXI is allowed to come into our location. The villa manager will be happy to call you

one. As well, this is the only taxi that can bring you back to the house after dark.

One lane highway from Jaco and San Jose during high season every Sunday.


It is not recommended to drive after dark. It is much safer to have a transport to the house if you fly

in late in the day and then rent a car in Manual Antonio. We would be happy to help you with

renting a car.


Pura Vida!

-Jackie and Bob