Costa Rica celebrates 194 years of Independence on September 15th!

Independence Day, a day of celebration of our country – its heritage, its history, and patriotism. For each country this day has a different significance for its history and its people. For the people of Costa Rica, this day is the day of their release from Spanish rule and the beginning of re-finding their national identity.

As in the rest of Central America, Costa Rica was granted its independence from Spain, on the 15th of September in 1821 after their defeat in the Mexican War of Independence. Although Costa Rica did not officially become a sovereign state until 1838, after having been joined with the rest of Central America as a part of the First Mexican Empire and then the Federation Republic of Central America, the country still recognizes this date as its day of independence. This September 15th marks the 194th anniversary of that date.

September Weather
September is one of the rainiest months of the year on the west side and in the mountains of Costa Rica.  The Pacific beaches and central region get significant rain most days; generally with a pattern of sunny mornings followed by showers in the afternoon or evening. Occasionally tropical lows stall off west coast or the edge of a hurricane skims across from the Caribbean bringing several days of continuous heavy rains.