We begin this month celebrating the 4th of July

The Fourth of July is an exciting celebration for Americans in Costa Rica. Every year, legions of U.S. citizens and their families gather to celebrate this holiday, complete with family activities, games, and favorites like hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice-cold beer.


July Weather for visitors

A few years ago only insiders and people in the know traveled to Costa Rica in July, but the secret is out. It’s still far from crowded and nothing like the peak season weeks of Christmas/New Years and Easter but it can hardly be called off season any more.

Bright sunny mornings heat up the ocean and rainforest canopy loading the air near the surface with water and causing it to rise. As the moisture laden air climbs it expands and cools condensing out droplets that form clouds and eventually rain. This pattern dominates the Costa Rica wet season from May through November and July is no exception. Still, it’s a great time to visit with hot sunny days to enjoy the beach and afternoon and evening rains cooling it off so you can enjoy a meal al fresco.

Although it is the middle of the rainy season Costa Rica typically experiences a short mid-year mini-dry season in July and the beginning of August. Rainfall decreases significantly for three or four weeks especially in the northern Pacific.  Ticos call this the veranillo or little summer.

As noted above out of all the rainy season months July is usually a bit drier than the rest, but occasionally it’s very wet.